Quanbin Li

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The stand-alone edition of face recognition system has some application limitations. This paper presents a design and realization of the online face recognition system. Whole system is controlled automatically by background service on the client/server. The face information database is built with SQL Server and the website is developed with Active Server(More)
Localization of multi-pose human facial features is one of the key issues in face recognition technology. The paper presents an algorithm to achieve the accurate positioning of facial features and the corresponding practical steps to realize it. Firstly, we establish the chrominance component mapping function of the feature points based on the chrominance(More)
Illumination invariant face recognition is a key problem for automatic face recognition system. The proposed method first applies two-degree ULBP to extract illumination invariant feature on multi-block face. Second, our method combines those histogram features into the final identification characteristics in the right order. SVM is then applying to feature(More)
The problem of Digital Image Compression based on wavelets is discussed in this paper. We analyze wavelet transform and give a detailed introduction about Wavelet Toolbox™ software. Moreover, the Wavelet Toolbox™ software is described by combining some examples. In addition, based on 2-D wavelet and 2-D wavelet packet, we give a detailed(More)
Multi-pose face detection plays an important role in the automatic human face recognition system. The YCbCr color space is used first for searching the skin color regions, then, raster scanning is adopted to obtain the four-connected components, identify the center of each labled block, and search and clip the potential face regions containing the(More)
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