Quan Zheng

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Defect prediction on projects with limited historical data has attracted great interest from both researchers and practitioners. Cross-project defect prediction has been the main area of progress by reusing classifiers from other projects. However, existing approaches require some degree of homogeneity (<i>e.g.</i>, a similar distribution of metric values)(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive photon tracing approach based on a novel importance function, which combines visual importance and photon path visibility. The generation of photon path is guided by sampling this function to trace more photons to visible and more contributive regions. As a first step, a hierarchy of visual importance maps is constructed.(More)
The position of a magnetic target can be obtained through magnetic anomaly which is measured by a magnetic sensor. Comparing with vector magnetic sensor, the measurement value of the scalar magnetic sensor is almost not influenced by its orientation in measurement coordinate axes. Therefore, scalar magnetic sensors can be easily assembled into an array.(More)