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Defect prediction on projects with limited historical data has attracted great interest from both researchers and practitioners. Cross-project defect prediction has been the main area of progress by reusing classifiers from other projects. However, existing approaches require some degree of homogeneity (<i>e.g.</i>, a similar distribution of metric values)(More)
In this study, a novel adaptive rendering approach is proposed to remove Monte Carlo noise while preserving image details through a feature-based reconstruction. First, noise in the additional features is removed using a guided image filter that reduces the impact of noisy features involving strong motion blur or depth of field. The Sobel operator is then(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive photon tracing approach based on a novel importance function, which combines visual importance and photon path visibility. The generation of photon path is guided by sampling this function to trace more photons to visible and more contributive regions. As a first step, a hierarchy of visual importance maps is constructed.(More)
The connotation and technical flow of visual design and calculation system were researched synthetically. On the basis of these, a visual design system in differential gear based on B/S and C/S hybrid mode has been built. The frame structure and function modules of the system are discussed in detail. The differential gear visual design system has carried on(More)
Lens effects are crucial visual elements in the synthetic imagery, but rendering lens effects with complex full lens models is time-consuming. This paper proposes a polynomial regression-based approach for constructing a sparse and accurate polynomial lens model. Terms of a polynomial are built adaptively in a bottom-up approach. Depending on the(More)