Quan Yuan Feng

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OBJECTIVE To explore means and strategies of preventing the spread of schistosomasis transmission due to the building of Ertan Dam. METHODS To eliminate the infection sources and Oncomelania snails. To install concrete irrigation and piping system of water supply. To encourage the immigrants to build methane-generating tanks and improve sanitary(More)
Biometrics plays an important role in authentication applications since they are strongly linked to holders. With an increasing growth of e-commerce and e-government, one can expect that biometric-based authentication systems are possibly deployed over the open networks in the near future. However, due to its openness, the Internet poses a great challenge(More)
This paper describes the design and simulation of a novel wide band microstrip antenna for circular polarization (CP) operation. The antenna is constituted of two stacked annular ring radiators, the lower one of which is directly fed by coaxial probe. Rectangular slots are inserted into both patches to excite two orthogonal resonant modes to generate CP(More)
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