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[1] The Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) has been designed to measure size-resolved mass distributions and total mass loadings of volatile and semivolatile chemical species in/on submicron particles. This paper describes the application of this instrument to ambient aerosol sampling. The AMS uses an aerodynamic lens to focus the particles into a(More)
EPA, it has not been subjected to the Agency's required peer and policy review and therefore does not necessary reflect the views of the Agency, and no official endorsement should be inferred. The authors thank the MTA for their cooperation, including Chris Bush for providing bus fleet information and Dana Lowell for help in organizing the logistics of the(More)
improvement is tunable by selective placement of the presented error-correcting designs. When coupled with error correction code to protect in-pipeline memories, the BISER flip-flop design improves chip-level SER by 10 times over an unprotected pipeline with the flip-flops contributing an extra 7–10.5% in power. When only soft errors in flips-flops are(More)
Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies (DMD/BMD) are the most commonly inherited neuromuscular disease. However, accurate and convenient molecular diagnosis cannot be achieved easily because of the enormous size of the dystrophin gene and complex causative mutation spectrum. Such traditional methods as multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification plus(More)
ZnO/Nylon 6 nanofiber mats were prepared by an electrospinning-electrospraying hybrid process in which ZnO nanoparticles were dispersed on the surface of Nylon 6 nanofibers without becoming completely embedded. The prepared ZnO/Nylon 6 nanofiber mats were evaluated for their abilities to kill bacteria or inhibit their growth and to catalytically detoxify(More)
Dystrophin (DMD) gene is the largest gene containing 79 exons involving various mutation types and regions, and targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) was employed in detecting DMD gene mutation in the present study. A literature-annotated disease nonsense mutation (c.10141C>T, NM_004006.1) in exon 70 that has been reported as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(More)
The objective of this paper is to propose a robust one shot structured light pattern for real time 3D shape inspection system. To reduce the influence of inspected part reflectance property and ambient light, the pattern is constructed by using monochromatic light. The corner of the chessboard is utilized as the primitive of the pattern since it can provide(More)
A facile and efficient method to immobilize bioactive proteins onto polymeric substrate was established. Testis-specific protease 50 (TSP50) was immobilized on ultrafine biodegradable polymer fibers, i.e., (1) to prepare a propargyl-containing polymer P(LA90-co-MPC10) by introducing propargyl group into a cyclic carbonate monomer(More)
A novel technique was developed for characterization of saturated hydrocarbons. Linear alkanes were selectively oxidized to ketones by ruthenium ion catalyzed oxidation (RICO). Branched and cyclic alkanes were oxidized to alcohols and ketones. The ketones were then reduced to alcohols by lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH(4)). The monohydric alcohols (O(1)) in(More)
A novel amphiphilic polymer-paclitaxel conjugate P(LGG-paclitaxel)-PEG-P(LGG-paclitaxel) has been prepared. It was derived from its parent polymer P(LGG)-PEG-P(LGG), poly{(lactic acid)-co-[(glycolic acid)-alt-(l-glutamic acid)]}-block-poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly{(lactic acid)-co-[(glycolic acid)-alt-(l-glutamic acid)]}, which was prepared by(More)