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— This paper introduces a novel robotic range sensor planning system, which is developed for 3D dimensional inspection of automotive body parts. For active, triangulation-based range sensors, shadow and reflection will cause problems when measure a metal part with glossy and discontinuous surface. To solve these problems, a feedback based dynamic view(More)
Of late there has been considerable interest in the efficient and effective storage of large-scale network graphs, such as those within the domains of social networks, web and virtual communities. The representation of these data graphs is a complex and challenging task and arises as a result of the inherent structural and dynamic properties of a community(More)
sensor network platforms with low power and low cost are needed for testing and validating algorithms. It is also necessary that the camera nodes be calibrated precisely. In this work, we first develop and evaluate a low power and low cost wireless camera sensor network platform. The camera sensor nodes in this platform transmit a grayscale image over a(More)