Quan-Sheng Liu

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This paper models the messages embedded by spatial least significant bit (LSB) matching as independent noises to the cover image, and reveals that the histogram of the differences between pixel gray values is smoothed by the stego bits despite a large distance between the pixels. Using the characteristic function of difference histogram (DHCF), we prove(More)
The phenotypic plasticity of the digestive system may determine the diversity of animal diets and, thus, their niche width. This study examines the effects of seasonal fluctuations in food quality and temperature on the gut morphology and the activity of sucrase, maltase, and aminopeptidase-N in the small intestinal brush-border membrane of male Mongolian(More)
In this study, polyethylene filter cotton (PFC) was used as a suspended biocarrier to remove ammonium from aquaculture ponds. The concentration of the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB amoA gene reached ~107 copies cm−3 in the PFC after 16–19 days of incubation, whereas only 101–102 copies cm−3 were present in the aquaculture water. The effects of(More)
Temperature affects all biological functions and will therefore modulate ecologically significant interactions between animals and their environment. Here, we examined the effect of ambient temperature (Ta) on the thermal biology and energy budget in striped hamsters acclimated to cold (5°C), warm (21°C) and hot temperatures (31°C). Thermoneutral zone (TNZ)(More)
Craniofacial reconstruction is to estimate an individual's face model from its skull. It has a widespread application in forensic medicine, archeology, medical cosmetic surgery, and so forth. However, little attention is paid to the evaluation of craniofacial reconstruction. This paper proposes an objective method to evaluate globally and locally the(More)
Based on fixed point theory, this paper proposes a simple but efficient method for image integrity authentication, which is different from Digital Signature and Fragile Watermarking. By this method, any given image can be transformed into a fixed point of a well-chosen function, which can be constructed with periodic functions. The authentication can be(More)
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