Quan-Sheng Huang

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The gene GhCPK1 encoding a calcium dependent protein kinase was identified from cotton. Transcripts of GhCPK1 accumulated primarily in the elongating fiber, and Arabidopsis plants transformed with GhCPK1 promoter-GUS construct exhibited GUS activity mainly in the developing trichomes, roots, young leaves and sepals. In the bombarded onion epidermal cells,(More)
A cotton fiber is a single and highly elongated ovule epidermal cell. However, the mechanism that governs the development of fiber traits remains unclear. In this study, we cloned a calcium-dependent protein kinase (GhCPK1) and an actin depolymerizing factor (GhADF1) from Gossypium hirsutum. Real-time PCR analyses indicated that the expression of GhCPK1 and(More)
The title salt, [Ru(Tp)(CH(5)N)(2)(PPh(3))]Cl·CH(2)Cl(2)·H(2)O [where Tp is (C(3)H(3)N(2))(3)BH and PPH(3) is C(18)H(15)P], has the Ru(III) atom in an octa-hedral geometry; one of the Ru-N(Tp) bonds [2.135 (8) Å] is slightly longer than another two, owing to the trans influence of PPh(3) ligand. N-H⋯Cl and O-H⋯Cl hydrogen bonding leads to the formation of(More)
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