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Although aging is typically associated with a decline in maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max), young and old subjects, of similar initial muscle metabolic capacity, increased quadriceps VO2max equally when this small muscle mass was trained in isolation. As it is unclear if this preserved exercise-induced plasticity with age is still evident with centrally(More)
Delegation, from a technical point of view, is widely considered as a potential approach in addressing the problem of providing dynamic access control decisions in activities with a high level of collaboration, either within a single security domain or across multiple security domains. Although delegation continues to attract significant attention from the(More)
Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a leading cause of cardiovascular mortality. Therefore, identifying patients at highest risk for SCD is crucial. Conventional noninvasive markers of SCD are inadequate because of low positive predictive value. The presence of visible T-wave alternans (TWA) on electrocardiogram often predicts the occurrence of lethal ventricular(More)
Computational reproducibility depends on the ability to not only isolate necessary and sufficient computational artifacts but also to preserve those artifacts for later re-execution. Both isolation and preservation present challenges in large part due to the complexity of existing software and systems as well as the implicit dependencies, resource(More)
We present a light-weight database virtualization (LDV) system that allows users to share and re-execute applications that operate on a relational database (DB). Previous methods for sharing DB applications, such as companion websites and virtual machine images (VMIs), support neither easy and efficient re-execution nor the sharing of only a relevant DB(More)