Quan Liang Chen

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There are some tools that help system administrators administer machines and networks using graphical user interface and Web interface. This paper presents a Web-based system that automates some processes to connect machines to a network, create accounts, mount remote home directories, set mailing lists, and so on by cooperating with multiple servers, and(More)
The output voltage of the inverter must meet some THD limitation. This paper presents a real-time approach to eliminate harmonics in NPC 3-level inverter using the theory of multivariable polynomial. First, taking the fifth, seventh, and 11th harmonics eliminated for instance, it is shown that the elementary symmetric polynomials can be exploited to reduce(More)
With the rapid development of photovoltaic (PV) power generation, technology of the grid-connected photovoltaic system becomes an important part of the photovoltaic power generation. Based on this background, grid connection techniques of T-Type three-level grid-connected inverter with an LCL filter is studied in this paper. The subject combines SPWM(More)
A new modulation method is proposed to solve the unbalancing problem of neutral-point potential in the DC side in three-level (3L) three-phase neutral-point-clamped (NPC) voltage source inverters. Based on properties of current balancing of three phases and redundant short vectors, different short vectors have different time distribution factors, which can(More)
SUMMARY Data missing is an common issue in seismic data, and many methods have been proposed to solve it. In this paper, we present the low-tubal-rank tensor model and a novel tensor completion algorithm to recover 3D seismic data. This is a fast iterative algorithm, called Tubal-Alt-Min which completes our 3D seismic data by exploiting the low-tubal-rank(More)
Based on the theoretical model of three-level converters, a mathematical model of the predictive active power and reactive power control is deduced. Relationship of both active power and reactive power with voltage vectors is analyzed from an instantaneous power perspective. Influence and tendency caused by voltage space vectors on the active power and(More)
A simple exposition was carried out for the power train's structure of the electric vehicle. Based on this, another simple exposition was designing the electronic differential which was based on various control theories. And detailed exposition was made upon the structure, the object and the control strategy of the electronic differential. Then, the(More)
The three-level active-neutral-point-clamped (3L-ANPC) inverter is used to solve the problem of uneven loss distribution in the three-level neutral-point-clamped (3L-NPC) inverter. Labview is widely used for industrial monitoring. As a common industrial bus, RS485 is used to connect and control several devices. MLX906I4 is an infrared thermometer for(More)