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Does Democracy Promote or Reduce Transnational Terrorist Incidents?
This article studies the various mechanisms by which democracy affects transnational terrorism. New theoretical mechanisms are identified that either complement or encompass existing arguments.Expand
Reversal of Fortunes: Democratic Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Developing Countries
Does increased democracy promote or jeopardize foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to less-developed countries? We argue that democratic institutions have conflicting effects on FDI inflows. OnExpand
Democracy, Autocracy, and Expropriation of Foreign Direct Investment
Stylized evidence indicates that democracies and autocracies both expropriate foreign direct investment but that democracies do so less frequently. What explains the similarities and differences inExpand
Economic Globalization and Transnational Terrorism
The effect of economic globalization on the number of transnational terrorist incidents within countries is analyzed statistically, using a sample of 112 countries from 1975 to 1997. Results showExpand
Investing in the Peace: Economic Interdependence and International Conflict
Research appears to substantiate the liberal conviction that trade fosters global peace. Still, existing understanding of linkages between conflict and international economics is limited in at leastExpand
Economic Openness, Democracy, and Income Inequality
Scholars have studied effects of economic openness and democracy on national income inequality in two literatures. In democracy studies, scholars agree democracy reduces inequality but empiricalExpand
Democracy, Autocracy, and Tax Incentives to Foreign Direct Investors: A Cross-National Analysis
  • Quan Li
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Politics
  • 1 February 2006
While offering tax incentives to attract foreign direct investment has become a global phenomenon and part of economic globalization in the 1990s, it also is political and controversial. But theExpand
Democracy and Environmental Degradation
In a relatively small but growing body of literature in political science and environmental studies, scholars debate the effect of democracy on environmental degradation. Some theorists claim thatExpand
Economic Globalization and Democracy: An Empirical Analysis
The theoretical literature presents conflicting expectations about the effect of globalization on national democratic governance. One view expects globalization to enhance democracy; a second arguesExpand
Dyadic military conflict, security alliances, and bilateral FDI flows
Although multinationals operate under cross-border jurisdictions, the relevance of interstate security relations to international business has received little attention. Despite the impressiveExpand