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As applications such as Apple Siri, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Echo continue to gain traction, web-service companies are adopting large deep neural networks (DNN) for machine learning challenges such as image processing, speech recognition, natural language processing, among others. A number of open questions arise as to the design of a(More)
MOTIVATION Representations of the genome can be generated by the selection of a subpopulation of restriction fragments using ligation-mediated PCR. Such representations form the basis for a number of high-throughput assays, including the HELP assay to study cytosine methylation. We find that HELP data analysis is complicated not only by PCR amplification(More)
A script-based attack framework is a new type of cyber-attack tool written in scripting languages. It carries various attack scripts targeting vulnerabilities across different systems. It also supports fast development of new attack scripts that can even exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. Such mechanisms pose a big challenge to the defense side since(More)
—Hadoop is seriously limited by its MapReduce scheduler which does not scale well in heterogeneous environment. Heterogenous environment is characterized by various devices which vary greatly with respect to the capacities of computation and communication, architectures, memorizes and power. As an important extension of Hadoop, LATE MapRe-duce scheduling(More)
TrustZone-based Real-time Kernel Protection (TZ-RKP) is a novel system that provides real-time protection of the OS kernel using the ARM TrustZone secure world. TZ-RKP is more secure than current approaches that use hypervisors to host kernel protection tools. Although hypervisors provide privilege and isolation, they face fundamental security challenges(More)
In current practice, only one out of three components of the tissue displacement vector and one of nine components of the strain tensor are accurately estimated and imaged in ultrasound elastography. Since, only the axial component of both the displacement and strain are imaged, other important elastic parameters, such as shear strains and the Poisson's(More)
Multi-socket Multi-core architectures with shared caches in each socket have become mainstream when a single multi-core chip cannot provide enough computing capacity for high performance computing. However, traditional task-stealing schedulers tend to pollute the shared cache and incur severe cache misses due to their randomness in stealing. To address the(More)