Quan Chau

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Patients with malignant brain tumors and deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of the lower extremities are at high risk of developing pulmonary embolism (PE). We developed a Markov model to compare the cost-effectiveness of two strategies to prevent PE in such patients: intra-vena-caval bird's nest filter (BNF) with anticoagulation versus anticoagulation alone.(More)
is trying to develop techniques to improve the efficiency of buildings. Home Energy Management (HEM) may be used to improve the energy consumption in the residential buildings. However, the cost, scalability, and flexibility of the software and hardware architectures available, have increased the time-to-market and have made HEMs hard to penetrate the(More)
PURPOSE Many cell lines resistant to cisplatin (DDP) have reduced DDP accumulation. We postulated that reduced accumulation of DDP in resistant cells might be due to decreased intracellular DDP binding, leading to increased passive efflux. METHODS The total cellular ([T-DDP]), intracellular ultrafiltrable ([F-DDP]) and precipitable cellular bound(More)
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