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This paper describes a method for imaging the endogenous release of glutamate from cerebral neurons. This method is based on the reactions of glutamate oxidase and peroxidase, and on the detection of hydrogen peroxide by a fluorescent substrate of peroxidase. Glutamate has been sensitively measured in vitro in the range of 20 nM to 1 microM. We used two(More)
The completion of human genome sequencing has shifted the focus of research from genes to proteins. In this regard, a protein library chip has become a useful tool for cell-free protein synthesis. In this study, we attempted to make a highly-integrated protein chip from a DNA library using in vitro protein synthesis on a microchamber array fabricated by(More)
The lack of code reuse in state-of-the-art verification methodologies results in long verification cycles. In this paper we present a new approach that structures the design/verification environment into 3 elements to ensure 100% reuse of verification codes across design phases: design abstraction, the abstraction-independent driver, and software(More)
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