Qu Zhaowei

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In this paper, we consider a cognitive radio system with energy harvesting, in which the secondary user operates in a saving-sensing-transmitting (SST) fashion. We investigate the tradeoff between energy harvesting, channel sensing and data transmission and focus on the optimal SST structure to maximize the SU's expected achievable throughput. We consider(More)
In this paper, we consider a cognitive radio (CR) system with a single secondary user (SU) and multiple licensed channels. The SU requests a fixed number of licensed channels and must sense the licensed channels one by one before transmission. By leveraging prediction based on correlation between the licensed channels, we propose a novel spectrum sensing(More)
Ad hoc is a kind of self organized network which is different from traditional communication system. In recent years, ad hoc network has been well developed. AODV (Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector) is an important protocol of ad hoc network which is recommended by IETF by its simple operation and outstanding performance. However, AODV protocol is not(More)
Broadcasting, which usually incurs serious problems by flooding, is a common operation in MANET (mobile Ad hoc networks), especially in on-demand route protocol. In order to relieve such limitations, in this paper, we propose an improvement over the former blind flooding approach by using a scheme based on the mobility of nodes (MON). In MON scheme, we(More)
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