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Sixty specific-pathogen-free chickens were randomly divided into 2 groups (30 chickens for each group) to determine the effect of swine gut antimicrobial peptides (SGAMP) on intestinal mucosal immunity. All chickens were raised in negative-pressure isolators and fed the same diet. The results were as follows. (1) In the SGAMP group, the number of mast cells(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical significance of the expression of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes in patients subjected to radical surgical removal of colon cancer, as well as their correlation with disease prognosis. Ninety stage II and III colon cancer patients who received laparoscopic radical resection of colon cancer at our(More)
—Secret data hiding in color images is more difficult than other formats since the any change of color images is easier to be noticed visually. This study proposes a new method for data hiding in the R, G and B components of color image using a visual model to control the embedding intensity. Firstly, a visual model is employed to calculate the block based(More)
This paper presented a new watermarking method for convert communication and copyright protection. For improving the transparency and robustness of watermarking or information hiding, a visual model was employed to calculate the block based just noticeable difference (JND), and the three detail sub-bands of block discrete wavelet transform (DWT) were(More)
In order to improve the stability of the massive database system and its capabilities of data processing and services, this paper proposed a distributed information server cluster. The N-level distributed architecture based on the network sensors was used to form a massive database system for real-time collection and query. Due to support by the network(More)
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