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In this paper, we introduce a stable-phase approach for hierarchical annealing which addresses the very large computational costs associated with simulated annealing for the reconstruction of large-scale binary porous media images. Our presented method, which uses the two-point correlation function as the morphological descriptor, involves the(More)
Sandstone reservoir is one of the main types of oil and gas reservoirs in China. It has porous microstructure, which directly affects the transport properties of a sandstone. Hence, the study of porous microstructure is important to the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. Three-dimensional microstructure of a sandstone can be reconstructed using(More)
Super-resolution (SR) from a single image plays an important role in many computer vision applications. It aims to estimate a high-resolution (HR) image from an input low- resolution (LR) image. To ensure a reliable and robust estimation of the HR image, we propose a novel single image SR method that exploits both the local geometric duality (GD) and the(More)
A random three-dimensional (3D) porous medium can be reconstructed from a two-dimensional (2D) image by reconstructing an image from the original 2D image, and then repeatedly using the result to reconstruct the next 2D image. The reconstructed images are then stacked together to generate the entire reconstructed 3D porous medium. To perform this(More)
A digital image stabilization algorithm based on a harmony filter is presented in this paper. The corner points are extracted from the reference image. A new motion estimation method based on diamond search (DS) and partial distortion elimination (PDE) algorithm is proposed in the feature block matching. The global motion parameters are obtained based on(More)