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Ground vibration from trains is a growing environmental problem, especially as the speed and traffic intensity of trains increase. In order to predict vibration, and the influence of vehicle, track and ground parameters, a detailed numerical model is required. A model of the track and ground is presented based on the wavenumber domain finite element /(More)
When a train runs in a tunnel the largest vibration on the ground surface may not occur directly above the tunnel but at some lateral distance away from the tunnel alignment. This has been called the ‘shadow effect’. The characteristics of this shadow effect can help in understanding the distribution of vibration on the ground surface. For the current study(More)
Ptychography has emerged as a nondestructive tool to quantitatively study extended samples at a high spatial resolution. In this manuscript, we report on recent developments from our team. We have combined cryo ptychography and fluorescence microscopy to provide simultaneous views of ultrastructure and elemental composition, we have developed multi-GPU(More)
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