Qiyu Lu

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Observations with the Venus Express magnetometer and low-energy particle detector revealed magnetic field and plasma behavior in the near-Venus wake that is symptomatic of magnetic reconnection, a process that occurs in Earth's magnetotail but is not expected in the magnetotail of a nonmagnetized planet such as Venus. On 15 May 2006, the plasma flow in this(More)
Because of the fatigue and deflection damage of asphalt pavement, it is very important for researchers to monitor the strain response of asphalt layers in service under vehicle loads, so in this paper a novel polypropylene based OFBG (Optical Fiber Bragg Gratings) strain sensor with low modulus and large strain sensing scale was designed and fabricated. PP(More)
  • C Skotner, A Klinting, H C Ammentorp, F Hansen, J Høst-Madsen, Q M Lu +1 other
  • 2006
Accurate and reliable flow forecasting forms an important basis for efficient real-time river management, including flood control, flood warning, reservoir operation and river regulation. In order to achieve this objective, it has become a common practice to apply GIS based software that integrates data management and forecast modelling tools in a single(More)
Magnetization measurements have been carried out on a series of carefully prepared single-phase Mn(1+x)Ga (0<x<1) alloys. The saturation magnetization Ms, measured at 5 K, has a value of 92.0 emu/g for x=0.15. This is the highest value reported in these alloys and is close to the calculated value of 116 emu/g for the stoichiometric compound (x=0). Ms(More)
The process parameters of enzymatic hydrolysis and molecular weight distribution of glutamine (Gln) peptides from soybean meal were investigated. The Protamex(®) hydrolysis pH of 6.10, temperature of 56.78 °C, enzyme to substrate ratio (E/S) of 1.90 and hydrolysis time of 10.72 h were found to be the optimal conditions by response surface methodology (RSM)(More)
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