Qixiao Xia

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A new fuzzy method for the motion control of underactuated robots is proposed in this paper. The control objective is to move the end-effector from a given position to a target point. A new fuzzy controller for the motion control of underactuated robots is present. The best fuzzy control rules and optimal membership functions are automatically generated(More)
In recent years, the research and development of piezoelectric pumps have become an increasingly popular topic. Minimization, structure simplification and stronger output became the focus of piezoelectric pumps research due to its possible application in MEMS technology. The valveless fishtailing piezoelectric pump with rectangular vibrator, neither a(More)
Abstract—The dynamic control of a 3R underactuated robot is investigated in this paper. The second order nonholonomic dynamic equation of the robot is derived. An intelligent control method is proposed for the position control of underactuated manipulator based on genetic algorithm. A new fuzzy controller for motion control of underactuated robot is(More)
A new approach of fast collision-free motion planning for underactuated robots based on genetic algorithm is proposed. The collision avoidance problem is formulated and solved as a position-based force control problem. Virtual generalized force representing the intrusion of the arm into the obstacle dangerous zone is computed in real time using a virtual(More)
The valve-less piezoelectric pump is more suitable for minimization and microminiaturization than the valve piezoelectric pump, especially for the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) because of its simple structure. However, in order to control the flow direction of the fluid through the pump, some assembles have to be attached outside the chamber. And it(More)
The cooperation between two master-slave modular robots is studied in the paper. A cooperative robot system is set up with two modular robots and a dynamic optical meter-OptoTrak. With OptoTrak, the position of the end actuators is measured as the optical position feedback, which is used to adjust the actual robots end positions. A tri-layered motion(More)
Restraining the noise, meanwhile, improving the dynamic characteristics of the driving power of piezoelectric pump effectively are the final purposes of doing research on the reciprocating and flexural vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator. However, among many papers regarding piezoelectric pump, there are very few papers about the research on the noise(More)
A valve-less piezoelectric pump with hackle chamber (HC) is presented. The chamber bottom of the pump is designed as a waves shape. The HC and the opposite piezoelectric vibrator constitute a series of hackle shape ducts in the chamber. Different flow resistances are produced between the suction stroke and the discharge stroke of the pump. The different(More)
A new valveless piezoelectric pump, which integrates mixer and pump, is proposed, based on the theory of the piezoelectric pump with the Unsymmetrical Slopes Element(USE). It is designed not only two inlets and one outlet, but a Rotatable Unsymmetrical Slopes Element(RUSE). When the pump works, two fluids flow into the inlet channels, respectively. The RUSE(More)
Artificial Immune System is applied to determine the optimal hourly schedule of power generation in a hydrothermal system. A multi-reservoir cascaded hydroelectric system with a nonlinear relationship between water discharge rate, net head and power generation is considered. The water transport delay between connected reservoirs is taken into account. The(More)