Qiwei Han

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2012 iii To my family, teachers, friends, and colleagues: Thanks for shaping me into who I am today. iv This page is intentionally left blank. and the rest of EPP and CMU-Portugal administrative staff have given me. Without great friends and colleagues, being thousands of kilometres away from my home country would be much more difficult. My deepest(More)
  • Research Showcase, Cmu, Alan Theodore, Jenn, Carnegie Mellon University, Alan Jenn +56 others
  • 2015
Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge my immediate family: my parents Paul and Sherry as well as my older brother Ian. Likely unbeknownst to him, my father was my primary motivation for trying to obtain a PhD as a life goal while growing up. I looked up to his intellect (and still do) as well as his hard work ethic, attributes I(More)
Recent technological advancements in smartphone have paved the way for the rapidly growing mobile commerce. As smartphone vendors launch the products with a rich variety of technical features for different end-user market segments, understanding the evolution of these features is of vital importance to all stakeholders in the smartphone industry. We address(More)
Understanding adoption patterns of smartphones is of vital importance to telecommunication managers in today's highly dynamic mobile markets. In this paper, we leverage the network structure and specific position of each individual in the social network to account for and measure the potential heterogeneous role of peer influence in the adoption of the(More)
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