Qiuyu Zhu

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Though the queuing model with impatient customer has been studied in the past decades, little is definitively known about the overtime waiting characteristics. In this paper, we present an overtime-waiting model for Web servers. This model is taken as a special case of the impatient customer, which quit when the waiting time is longer than a tolerable(More)
—A general multiobjective optimization and design procedure of a Luneberg lens antenna (LLA) with a compact multiband multi-polarized feed-system for a broadband satellite communication terminal is presented. The LLA utilizes a compact multiband feed horn, consisting of an inner dielectric loaded circular horn for the K/Ka-band (dual-circular polarization)(More)
The paper presents a novel camera calibration method of intrinsic and extrinsic parameters based on single planar calibration image. A camera model including backward radial nonlinear model and indirect extrinsic parameters model is proposed at first, and then constraint equations are constructed by all distances between control points, followed by a(More)
Moving objects segmentation is the foundation of intelligent moving body information collection. In the monocular vision system, it is too difficult to segment the foreground from background when their grayscale and color are similar. Compared with the grayscale and color, the scenery depth are less susceptible to external environment, if depth information(More)
The paper introduces a simple and efficient approach to calibrate camera in the parallel binocular stereo vision system, which uses numerical analysis based on least square error to obtain the relative difference of the two cameras' principle point and extrinsic parameters. First, we use Zhang Plane-based Calibration Method to verify the intrinsic(More)
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