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This paper presents a novel hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC&PR) to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP). The main feature of this hybrid algorithm is to hybridize the solution construction mechanism of the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm with path relinking (PR), an evolutionary method, which introduce progressively attributes of(More)
Indexes are the kernels of search engines. This paper presents a Combination Inverted Index(CII), which is a new inverted index. CII contains three components: prime inverted index, appendix inverted index and deleted file list. The addition of appendix inverted index and deleted file list construct a new methodology of creating and updating the index.(More)
In identification of bill images, binarization quality has direct influence on identification ratio. This paper introduces an improvement of multi-threshold dynamic binarization for bill images. The improvement scheme is based on the research of existing binarization algorithms and the motivation to solve the problem of noise jamming in bill images. An(More)
An improved artificial bee colony (ABC&VNS) to settle the traveling salesman problem (TSP) is described in this paper. This hybrid algorithm's principal character is to incorporate the solution construction mechanism of the artificial bee colony (ABC) with variable neighborhood search (VNS) to exploit the intrinsic structure of the solutions to acquire(More)
This paper presents a new hybrid path relinking algorithm called ACO&PR algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem. Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a meta-heuristic approach, which simulates the decision-making processes of ant colonies as they forage for food and find the most efficient routes from their nests to food sources. Due to its(More)
This paper presents a hybrid strategy for the hot rolling scheduling problem, which is derived from the actual steel production. Some features such as the rolling length of the consecutive slabs with same width, temperature jump between adjacent slabs make the solution methodology more difficult. Therefore, the hybrid strategy is proposed to determine good(More)
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