Qiuyan Yan

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Foods produced on soils impacted by Pb-Zn mining activities are a potential health risk due to plant uptake of the arsenic (As) associated with such mining. A field survey was undertaken in two Pb-Zn mining-impacted paddy fields in Guangdong Province, China to assess As accumulation and translocation, as well as other factors influencing As in twelve(More)
ELM (Extreme Learning Machine) is a single hidden layer feed-forward network, where the weights between input and hidden layer are initialized randomly. ELM is efficient due to its utilization of the analytical approach to compute weights between hidden and output layer. However, ELM still fails to output the semantic classification outcome. To address such(More)
HPRP-A1 is an amphipathic α-helical anticancer peptide (ACP) derived from the N-terminus of ribosomal protein L1 (RpL1) of Helicobacter pylori. In our previously study, HPRP-A1 has been reported that induced HeLa cell apoptosis in a caspase-dependent approach and involved both by the death receptor 'extrinsic' pathway and the mitochondria 'intrinsic'(More)
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