Qiuyan Wu

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BACKGROUND A crucial event in Prostate Cancer progression is the conversion from a hormone-sensitive to a hormone-refractory disease state. Correlating with this transition, androgen receptor (AR) amplification and mutations are often observed in patients failing hormonal ablation therapies. beta-Catenin, an essential component of the canonical Wnt(More)
The process of neovascularization from preexisting blood vessels, referred to as angiogenesis, plays a critical role in both tumor growth and dissemination in multiple cancer types. Currently, there exists a need to identify biomarkers that can both indicate biological activity and predict efficacy at the molecular level for antiangiogenesis drugs which are(More)
Degradation of insulin was studied in this work. Casein and protamine could obviously suppress degradation of insulin by intestinal enzymes, and could protect insulin from degradation by the mechanism of competition and combination with proteolysis enzyme. What is more, co-incubated with HP-beta-CD-casein or HP-beta-CD-protamine, most insulin was protected(More)
Nivolumab, a fully human immunoglobulin G4 programmed death-1 (PD-1) immune checkpoint inhibitor antibody, has activity in melanoma, non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and Hodgkin lymphoma. Nivolumab is approved in the USA and EU for advanced melanoma, NSCLC, and RCC, and relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma in the USA. Programmed(More)
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