Qiuxiang Dong

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Searchable encryption is a primitive, which not only protects data privacy of data owners but also enables data users to search over the encrypted data. Most existing searchable encryption schemes are in the single-user setting. There are only few schemes in the multiple data users setting, i.e., encrypted data sharing. Among these schemes, most of the(More)
As a major branch of LBSs, geosocial networking services become popular. An important functionality of geosocial networking services is allowing people to find potential friends who have similar profile within close proximity and initiate communication with each other. However, in order to realize this functionality, most existing services require mobile(More)
In the era of big data, information retrieval becomes even more challenging since the size of data volume is emerging fast and it is difficult to find the right information from the huge amount of heterogeneous datasets. Especially in software engineering domain, it tends to be more difficult to retrieve the right program from projects that are written in(More)
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