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Due to the independence of the domain knowledge, general search engine has "theme drift" problem in the search of domain knowledge. Topic specific search engine offers a faster, and more accurate web resources retrieval service, and a good web page sorting algorithm can improve user experience. In this paper, we proposed a new sorting algorithm for topic(More)
With the continuous development of the information technology, ontology has been widely applied to various fields. Ontology has become an advanced technology in artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, playing an increasingly important role in knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition and ontology application. As the base of ontology(More)
Nowadays, the scale of wireless sensor network is getting bigger, and the data in transmission is increasing. Due to the amount of data and unstable network status, leading to the high loss rate of data packet, so part of important data may not be sent in time, especially in the network which has real-time requirements. Currently the research work on the(More)
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