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Caldesmon is a major actin-binding protein identified in smooth muscle and many non-muscle cells. It also interacts with calmodulin and a number of other acidic proteins. We have shown previously that the polypeptide stretch from Val629 to Ser666 near the C terminus contains a calmodulin binding site (Wang, C.-L. A., Wang, L.-W. C., Xu, S., Lu, R. C.,(More)
Sorghum is not only an important cereal crop but also a biofuel crop. The sorghum brown midrib mutant 6 (bmr6) has a reduced lignin content in the cell walls and vascular tissues, which could potentially be advantageous for cellulosic biofuel production. Meanwhile, both dry matter yield and plant height were decreased in the bmr6 mutant. To identify genes(More)
Brown midrib mutants in sorghum are associated with reduced lignin content and increased cell wall digestibility. In this study, we characterized a bmr-6 sorghum mutant, which shows reddish pigment in the midrib and stem after the fifth-leaf stage. Compared to wild type, Kalson lignin content of bmr-6 is decreased significantly. We used histological(More)
Sudangrass, Sorghum sudanense, is an important forage in warm regions. But little is known about its genome. In this study, the transcriptomes of sudangrass S722 and sorghum Tx623B were sequenced by Illumina sequencing. More than 4Gb bases were sequenced for each library. For Tx623B and S722, 88.79% and 83.88% reads, respectively were matched to the Sorghum(More)
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