Qiuting Huang

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An analysis is presented in this contribution to describe the steady-state amplitude of a CMOS LC Colpitts oscillator, as well as its response to small interferences. The problem of signal dependency of noise sources is also addressed. The general conclusions of the analysis are applicable to most LC oscillators. The procedure to perform a general analysis(More)
This paper presents a turbo-decoder ASIC for 3GPP LTE-Advanced supporting all specified code rates and block sizes. The highly parallelized architecture employs 16 SISO decoders with an optimized state-metric initialization scheme that reduces SISO-decoder latency, which is key for achieving very-high throughput. A novel CRC implementation for parallel(More)
Soft-input soft-output (SISO) maximum a-posteriori (MAP) decoders for convolutional codes (CCs) are an integral part of many modern wireless communication systems. Specifically, SISO-MAP decoding forms the basis for turbo decoders, as, e.g., specified for HSDPA or 3GPP-LTE, or for iterative detection and decoding in multiple-input multiple-output wireless(More)
Recent papers reporting CMOS RF building blocks with very low current consumption have aroused much expectation in RF receivers using deepsubmicron technologies. This paper examines the trend in CMOS scaling, in order to establish the required current levels for different feature sizes if robust designs are to be implemented. The need to match to 50Ω and to(More)
Wearable devices offer interesting features, such as low cost and user friendliness, but their use for medical applications is an open research topic, given the limited hardware resources they provide. In this paper, we present an embedded solution for real-time EMG-based hand gesture recognition. The work focuses on the multi-level design of the system,(More)
One of the key tasks in cognitive radio and communications intelligence is to detect active bands in the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum. In order to perform spectral activity detection in wideband RF signals, expensive and energyinefficient high-rate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) in combination with sophisticated digital detection circuitry are(More)