Qiusong Chen

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Lowering the driving voltage of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) is an important approach to reduce their energy consumption. We have fabricated a series of bifunctional devices (OLEDs and photovoltaics) using rubrene and fullerene (C60) as the active layer, in which the electroluminescence threshold voltage(~1.1 V) was half the value of the bandgap of(More)
In organic semiconductors, the triplet-charge annihilation (TCA) is one of the most common excitonic interactions influencing the opto-electronic power conversion efficiency of the devices. However, it is still unclear whether the TCA reaction goes through the "Scattering Channel" or the "Dissociation Channel". In this work, by measuring the organic(More)
To study the possibility of utilizing mixed construction waste and ultrafine tailings (CW&UT) as a backfilling aggregate that can be placed underground in a mine, physicochemical evaluation, proportioning strength tests, and pumpability experiments were conducted. It was revealed that mixed CW&UT can be used as a backfilling aggregate due to the(More)
This research is an investigation of the feasibility of utilizing phosphogypsum (PG) and phosphate tailings (PTS) for cemented paste backfill. Some experiments were conducted with various combinations of PTS and PG as aggregates, along with slags and/or Portland cement as binders and CaO as an additive. The influence of the PG's ageing time on the(More)
Energy transfer (ET) and charge injection (CI) in the hybrid organic/colloidal quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) have been investigated by using magneto-electroluminescence (MEL) as an in situ tool. The feasibility and availability of MEL as an in situ tool were systematically demonstrated in the typical QD-LEDs based on CdSe-ZnS core-shell QDs.(More)
In order to evaluate the superiority of a filtered tailings storage facility (FTSF) to conventional tailings impoundment in the southern rainy regions of China (SRRC), the tailings slurry leakage and pollution accident occurring at the wet tailings dam (WTD) of Yinshan were analyzed, the properties of the tailings were tested in a laboratory, and the(More)
The effects of a magnetic field on the dissociation of triplet excitons by free charges (TCI) are well understood. However, the magneto-conductance (MC) characteristics of trapped triplet-polaron interactions (TtPI) and triplet-trapped polaron interactions (TPtI) within organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are not well understood. We have studied these(More)
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