Qiushuang Chen

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A feedback procedure is introduced to the robust berth allocation problem with stochastic vessel delays. This procedure emphasizes the interrelationship between the planning stage and the real-time stage, and employs the cost of schedule changes in the real-time stage to instruct time buffer adjustment for each vessel. Experimental results show that this(More)
The carmine spider mite (CSM), Tetranychus cinnabarinus, is an important pest mite in agriculture, because it can develop insecticide resistance easily. To gain valuable gene information and molecular basis for the future insecticide resistance study of CSM, the first transcriptome analysis of CSM was conducted. A total of 45,016 contigs and 25,519 unigenes(More)
The importance of remanufacturing used products into new ones has been widely recognized in the literature and in practice. In this paper, a model with two competing manufacturers is discussed. In the forward logistics, the manufacturers face the demand with linear down-sloping functions. In the reverse logistics, each manufacturer need to determine whether(More)
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