Qiusheng Zhang

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A pollen-expressed gene from rice, OsPCBP, that was previously cloned and identified encodes a novel calmodulin-binding protein. Here, we investigated its functioning in pollen development. Overexpression of OsPCBP in transgenic rice plants did not lead to phenotypic changes but did delay anther formation by about 1 week. Cytological observations at(More)
The Wnt4 molecule is a secretory glycoprotein implicated in proliferation and differentiation of both normal and malignant cells. Despite extensive investigation of Wnt4 expression in various cancers, little is known about its expression pattern in different types of pituitary tumors. In this study, we examined the expression of Wnt4 and its downstream(More)
With the changing of power supply pattern, almost all the large capacity thermal power units are used to depth peak load cycling, which causes reheated steam temperature fluctuated big and frequently. And in such a situation, the thermal power units can't work very safely and efficiently. In this paper the γ incremental SGPC-PID cascade control(More)
The primary accomplishment of this study is to explore how national culture dissimilarities impact pre and post performances of the resulted acquirers in China Merger and Acquisition (M&A) cases. This article developed the simplified representations of the National Culture Dissimilarity Index (NCDI) to examine the built-in models by taking hierarchical(More)
A symmetrical second-generation wavelet named zzxb7.9 with two vanishing moments was constructed according to the lifting scheme introduced by Sweldens etc. and used for image denoising. Simulated noise images are used to evaluate the denoising performance of the second-generation wavelet zzxb7.9. The experimental results show that the second-generation(More)
M&A and green field investment (GFI) are very important methods of company growth. Each of the investment ways could bring different outstanding achievement and development of company, so it is very important to choose the way of investment. This paper discusses the boundary of M&A and green field investment both in external and internal levels, and then(More)
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