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For discovering the quantitative trait loci (QTLs) contributing to early seedling growth and drought tolerance during germination, conditional and unconditional analyses of 12 traits of wheat seedlings: coleoptile length, seedling height, longest root length, root number, seedling fresh weight, stem and leaves fresh weight, root fresh weight, seedling dry(More)
A general framework for vehicle assessment is proposed based on both mass survey information and the evidential reasoning (ER) approach. Several methods for uncertainty and preference modeling are developed within the framework, including the measurement of uncertainty caused by missing information, the estimation of missing information in original surveys,(More)
After a survey of existing methods, a fleet planning mixed integer programming model based on multimode investment is developed in accordance with route and transport demand forecast under the fluctuant market environment. This optimization model not only considers investment alternatives to fleet capacity expansion concerning building new ships, purchase(More)
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