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A family of anisotropic particles is synthesized via a facile, scalable, and versatile method based on a conventional double emulsion, which is very well suited for practical production and applications. Partial wetting theory is well established as a powerful instrument to elucidate the controlled phase separation within the double emulsion. This theory is(More)
A straightforward photo-annealing approach was developed for building functional polymer layers on paper. Conducting polyaniline with the ability for photothermal conversion can be readily annealed by near-infrared light. The annealed polymers become both insulating and hydrophobic. Selective photo-annealing produces a functional layer with patterned(More)
A method with the combination of organic-vapor-assisted polymer swelling and nanotransfer printing (nTP) is used to manufacture desirable patterns consisting of gold nano-clusters on silicon wafers for Au-assisted etching of silicon. This method remarkably benefits to the size control and regional selection of the deposited Au. By tuning the thickness of(More)
Taking advantage of photothermal conversion, the surface pores of water-dispersible single-walled carbon nanotubes assembled on polymer particles were rapidly closed by NIR irradiation to produce macroporous polymeric microspheres with multiple interconnected chambers. These particles can act as smart containers to encapsulate and hold DNA molecules.
In this study, we confirmed that HOXC13 might be a potential oncogene in lung adenocarcinoma through an analysis of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) datasets. Further analysis revealed that the expression of HOXC13 was significantly higher in lung adenocarcinoma tissues than in adjacent normal tissues; importantly, its expression correlated with poor clinical(More)
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