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We propose a battery replacement strategy to increase the efficiency of chargers and save drivers' time at charging stations for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). With the battery replacement strategy, we optimize the scheduling for the operations of chargers in a charging station. The scheduling objectives are to minimize the power consumption cost(More)
Data communications infrastructure will play an important role to transfer various information in smart grid. In this paper, we consider the reliability of the smart grid data communications infrastructure and its impact on the power consumption and supply optimizations. For optimizing the power consumption, we consider a deferrable load scheduling method(More)
The public utility can implement real-time pricing (RTP) as a demand response (DR) program in smart grid to shed the power consumption (e.g., by reducing consumption during peak period). In this paper, we consider the optimization of deferrable load scheduling to minimize the power consumption cost. The constrained Markov decision process (CMDP) model is(More)
The smart grid uses data communications techniques to gather and transfer information for scheduling and decision making so that the electric power can be used more efficiently and economically. To reduce the cost of data communications in smart grid, in this paper, we assume that cognitive radio technique is used to transmit the meter data from smart(More)
The demand response program in smart grid implements real-time pricing to reduce power consumption during peak hours. However, sometimes a smart meter cannot receive the price information due to the failure happened in the smart meter's or the neighborhood area network gateway's communication interface. In this paper, we study the deferrable load scheduling(More)
Technical communicators need to develop certain skills to succeed in intercultural interactions. Drawing on the literature of intercultural and professional communication, this article presents a case study that examines the design features and analyzes the differences of home heater manuals from China and the U.S. By discussing the possible cultural(More)
Medium Access Control is an important component in cognitive radio that allow secondary users to identify and access spectrum opportunity without interfering with primary users. In this paper, a queueing model to analyze the performances of the secondary users in a cognitive radio network is presented. The queueing model considers the transmissions of a(More)
Because of rising environmental concern and depleting of oil resources, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is considered to be a potential substitution of a fossil fuel-based vehicle. With the development of smart grid, real-time pricing (RTP) is being implemented. The charging of PHEVs can be scheduled adaptively to RTP so that the power consumption(More)
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