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Agent and Ontology are distinct technologies that arose independent of each other, having their own standards and specifications. The semantics web is one of the popular research areas these days, and is based on the current Web, which adds more semantics to it for the purpose of building the Ontology of Web content. In this regard, application program on(More)
Semantics web is one of the popular research areas these days, especially regarding artificial intelligent (AI) support. The purpose of our study is to apply agent technique to semantics web, and adopt semantic language to describe communication of agent. Meanwhile this paper proposed an agent communication model including communication language(More)
We study the task of ontology matching that is used mainly for solving the semantic heterogeneity problems, which concentrates on finding semantically related entities between different ontologies. Many previous works exploit the character-level or token-level information of the descriptions of an entity in ontology directly when applying the string-based(More)
Plant resources have a wealth of field knowledge, and the method to build a standard and normal ontology in this field can contribute a lot for reusing and sharing knowledge in the field. This article briefly discusses the basic concepts and features of domain ontology, includes the basic methods of domain ontology construction, and sets Medicinal plants in(More)
This paper proposed a model of domain ontology with its reasoning system frame. By drawing the other domain ontology construction method, we proposed a suitable domain ontology construction method for any field. Using the ontology knowledge base and reasoning technology, we realized the architecture of the interact process. In this way, we get the semantic(More)
Negotiation protocol is the basic principle in the electronic commerce, this principle have a direct impact on the efficiency of the negotiation. This study brings up the communication architecture with negotiation protocol on the Semantic Web. Precisely speaking, agents make computing with Ontology, and we define an agent's communication ontology for this(More)
Open environment of dynamic interoperable electronic business processes is a key demand for the increasing business applications. Business processes are at the core of dynamic electronic business. In this paper, we propose a model for business processes that provides an intelligent model for supporting distribute electronic business environment. This study(More)
  • Qiumei Pu
  • 2013 International Conference on Computational…
  • 2013
The purpose of this paper is to apply semantic language to agent technique, and our method is to make intelligent computing within agents by utilizing semantic language be able to transplant agent's communication to Semantics Web. Our communication model attempts to interact with a popular application of Semantic Web Application. Our study adopted(More)
  • Qiumei Pu
  • 2016 IEEE 14th Intl Conf on Dependable, Autonomic…
  • 2016
With the rapid development of the Internet, the amount of data on the Internet become more and more huge, and the website technology is constantly changing. Faced with the huge and complex data on the global Internet, how to crawl and use this information has become a major challenge. Traditional stand-alone web crawler is difficult to cope with the(More)