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The method of water quality monitoring applied by XueYe reservoir is sampling in the scene and analyzing at the laboratory at present. Based on analyzing key problem of water quality monitoring, automatic water quality monitoring system based on GPRS is provided in this paper. Considering features of water quality monitoring, the general structure and(More)
The virtual plant growth that simulates the plant growing process by computer is an advanced topic which computer graphics be applied to agriculture. The studies in the virtual plant will provide a scientific basis for precision and sustainable agriculture. In Fractal geometry, the L-system is one of the most useful approaches of virtual plant models for(More)
Functions and construction of agricultural products logistics system based on .NET and WAP technology are introduced in detail. The problems encountered during the process of system development and corresponding solutions are also illustrated. The Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server 2005 serve as the platform and background database server respectively, and(More)
The method of sluice control applied to reservoir is executed manually in field at present. To fix this problem, sluice remote monitoring system based on GPRS and PLC is provided. Some advanced technologies used in system are discussed. The system structure and principle are introduced. The system realizes wireless network connections between local control(More)
As the identification of surface defects is very important in fruit automatic detection, a new method for the detection of fruit surface defects based on fractal dimension is suggested. In this method, fruit image was collected using computer vision system. The fractal dimension of fruit image was calculated by an improved ‘box dimension’. The fruit fractal(More)
At present, there are large quantities of heterogeneous agriculture database in the network. Agriculture information resources sharing are the tendency of modern agriculture development. Being aimed at the problem of “information island”, “duplication of similar projects” and urgent need for agriculture information resources sharing existing in agriculture(More)
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