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In this article a new nonlinear decentralized disturbance attenuation excitation control for multimachine power systems is proposed based on recursive design without linearization treatment. The proposed controller improves system robustness to dynamic uncertainties and also attenuates bounded exogenous disturbances on the system in the sense of L2-gain(More)
We report on investigations of the interaction of light with nanoscale antennae made from crystalline GaP nanowires (NWs). Using Raman scattering, we have observed strong optical antenna effects which we identify with internal standing wave photon modes of the wire. The antenna effects were probed in individual NWs whose diameters are in the range 40 < d <(More)
A coordinated real-time optimal dispatch method for unbundled electricity markets is proposed in this paper. With this method, the pool energy auction market, ancillary services market, and bilateral contract market can be coordinated by the ISO through a balancing market for the purpose of system security. To meet real-time imbalance and to eliminate(More)
A rapid regeneration protocol for proembryos of Phaseolus angustissimus as young as 1 day after pollination (DAP) involving pod culture for 1 week followed by embryo culture for 2 weeks and embryo germination for 1 or 2 weeks is provided. Optimization of the media was conducted with pods collected 3 DAP. The best pod culture medium was composed of basal(More)
Metallic glass (MG) generally fails in a brittle manner under uniaxial tension loading at room temperature. The lack of plastic strain of MG is due to the severe plastic instability via the easily formed one dominate shear band. There have been several approaches to improve the ductility in MG, but achieving uniform tensile ductility for monolithic MG in(More)
Summary form only given. A 3-D global hybrid simulation code with domain including both the dayside and nightside magnetosphere has been developed to study the dynamics of the magnetosphere associated with substorms. The inner boundary condition at r = 3.5RE is determined by mapping the parallel currents and electric field to the ionosphere. A run for the(More)
A complete understanding of the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and semiconductor nanowires (NWs) is required in order to further develop a new generation of opto-electronic and photonic devices based on these nanosystems. The reduced dimensionality and high aspect ratio of nanofilaments can induce strong polarization dependence of the light(More)
The complex structural transformation in crystals under static pressure or shock loading has been a subject of long-standing interest to materials scientists and physicists. The polymorphic transformation is of particular importance for iron (Fe), due to its technological and sociological significance in the development of human civilization, as well as its(More)
BACKGROUND There are various hydroxyethyl starch (HES) solutions with different degrees of hydroxylation and different molecular weights. HES200/0.5 solution is most commonly used. HES130/0.4 is a new HES solution and is the 'state-of-the-art' in volume substitution. However, the mechanism of the observed anticoagulation action of HES has not been fully(More)
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