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The major immunoregulatory effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) are mediated by structurally distinct types I (VIPR1) and II (VIPR2) G protein-associated receptors on some T cells, B cells, and macrophages. Identification of the separate immunologic activities of each type of VIPR has been complicated by the usual expression of only VIPR2 or of(More)
  • Qiuhua Wang
  • 2010
In this paper, we propose a novel in-situ pair-wise key establishment scheme based on master key updating and knowledge of post deployment for large-scale distributed wireless sensor networks. Our scheme aims at achieving a satisfying key sharing probability among sensors with low memory overhead. Our scheme employs location information of post deployment(More)
A great many algorithms of video encryption have been proposed nowadays with the necessity of data rights management, especially the selective video encryption algorithms, which ensure the security of the information and meanwhile reduce the data to encrypt. The residue data, intra-prediction modes, inter-prediction modes and motion vectors are key elements(More)
  • Qiuhua Wang
  • 2011
A number of self-healing group key distribution schemes have been proposed recently, however, though practicality analysis and simulation of the commonly used self-healing group key distribution schemes, we show that almost none of the existing schemes are suitable for large-scale and resource-constricted wireless sensor networks in real-world applications,(More)
Hexakis(m-phenylene ethynylene) macrocycles 1 bearing multiple hydrogen-bonding side chains and containing inner cavities modified with different functional groups are synthesized based on Pd-catalyzed (Sonogashira) coupling of monomeric building blocks to trimeric precursors that are recombined and coupled to give macrocycles with different substitution(More)
The immunological effects of heat shock proteins (HSPs) had been found in humans and mice, but scarce data of endotoxin-free Hsp70 were reported in tilapia. In the current study, we reported that tHsp70 alone and antigen-tHsp70 compound increased the proliferations of lymphocytes and macrophages, significantly increased the NO release and phagocytotic(More)
Considering the components of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT)-containing water, this paper aims to research the integrated effects of ions on TNT-removal by O(3)/H(2)O(2) through the selection of CO(3)(-), HCOO(-), Cu(2+) and Al(3+). In view of TNT-removal rate and its constant, we find that the test with HCO(3)(-) or HCOO(-) or Cu(2+) results in lower(More)