Qiuhua Tang

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Quantum genetic algorithm is a recently proposed new optimization algorithm combining quantum algorithm with genetic algorithm. It characterizes good population diversity, rapid convergence and good global search capability and so attracts serious and wide attentions. This paper proposes a novel quantum genetic algorithm called variable-boundary-coded(More)
Fang Wang 1,2, Yunqing Rao 1,*, Chaoyong Zhang 1, Qiuhua Tang 3 and Liping Zhang 3 1 State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China; wangfang79@wust.edu.cn (F.W.); zcyhust@mail.hust.edu.cn (C.Z.) 2 School of Management, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan(More)
Two-sided assembly line is broadly utilized to manufacture high-volume large-size products. Reconfiguration of this line is a major practice in industry, which is known as two-sided assembly line balancing problem of type-II. To solve this NP-hard problem, this paper proposes an improved discrete artificial bee colony (DABC) algorithm via blending idle time(More)
Simple assembly line balancing problem with the objective of minimizing production cycle time called SALBP-2 usually is widely applied in automotive and electronic manufacturing production lines. In this paper a novel algorithm for solving SALBP-2 is proposed based on cellular automata (CA), which has the potentiality of solving time, space or parameter(More)
Abstract Within flexible job shops, the rescheduling approach should have the capability of self adaption when the type of disturbance changes. Considering three types of uncertain disturbances, including rush orders, task delays and machine failures, self-adaptive framework under multiple uncertainties has been achieved by defining affected tasks and other(More)