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Increasing evidence indicates that microRNAs (miRNAs) participate in almost every step of cellular processes and are often aberrantly expressed in human cancer. Therefore, the discovery of miRNAs may provide a new and powerful tool for understanding the mechanism and treatment of carcinogenesis. The aim of this study was to investigate the functional(More)
BACKGROUND In surgeries of closed calcaneal fractures, the lateral L-shaped incision is usually adopted. Undesirable post-operative healing of the incision is a common complication. In this retrospective study, controllable risk factors of incision complications after closed calcaneal fracture surgery through a lateral L-shaped incision are discussed and(More)
BACKGROUND Screw penetration into hip joint is a severe complication during acetabular fracture surgery, which might result in osteoarthritis and chondrolysis. The purpose of this study was to obtain the safe and effective screw angles and lengths at acetabular area of the fixation route along the superior border of the arcuate line. METHODS A total of 98(More)
The surgical navigation system has experienced tremendous development over the past decades for minimizing the risks and improving the precision of the surgery. Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR)-based surgical navigation is a promising technology for clinical applications. In the AR system, virtual and actual reality are mixed, offering real-time,(More)
Supra-acetabular external fixation is an important tool for pelvic fractures. Understanding the anatomical characteristics of anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) is crucial for the operation. Here, we analyzed the morphology of AIIS and adjacent structures via a digital measurement mode. One hundred and twenty normal pelvic computed tomography (CT) scans(More)
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