Qiufang Gu

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Amplitude integrated electroencephalogram (aEEG), a cerebral function monitoring method, is widely used in response to the clinical needs for continuous EEG monitoring. The focus work of this paper is presenting a novel combined feature set of aEEG and applying random forest (RF) method to identify the normal and abnormal aEEG tracing. To that end, a(More)
BACKGROUND Modern medical advances have greatly increased the survival rate of infants, while they remain in the higher risk group for neurological problems later in life. For the infants with encephalopathy or seizures, identification of the extent of brain injury is clinically challenging. Continuous amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG)(More)
AIM Hypoglycaemia is a significant problem in high-risk neonates and predominant parieto-occipital lobe involvement has been observed after severe hypoglycaemic insult. We explored the use of flash visual evoked potentials (FVEP) in detecting parieto-occipital lobe involvement after significant hypoglycaemia. METHODS Full-term neonates (n = 15) who(More)
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