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Using deoxycholic acid as starting materials, a series of 12a-aza-C-homo-12-one 7-deoxycholic acid derivatives were synthesized The antiproliferative activity of the synthesized compounds against some carcinoma cell lines was investigated. The results showed that some 12-oxy-12a-aza-C-homo-7-deoxycholic acid derivatives displayed distinct cytotoxicity to(More)
A series of 3-substituted-6-aza-B-homo-5-α-stigmastan-7-one and 3-substituted-6-aza-B-homo-5-α-sitostan-7-one derivatives were designed and synthesized by the oxidation, reduction, oximation, Beckman rearrangement and condensation reaction. Their structures were characterized. The antiproliferative activities were assayed, and some of the compounds(More)
Using cholesterol, stigmasterol and sitosterol as starting materials, some 4,6-diaza-A,B-dihomo-steroid bilactams were synthesized via two different synthetic routes by oxidation, reduction, oximation, Beckman rearrangement, etc. The cytotoxic activity of the synthesized compounds against SGC 7901 (human ventriculi carcinoma), Bel-7404 (human liver(More)
It is well known that different coral species have different tolerances to thermal or cold stress, which is presumed to be related to the density of Symbiodinium. However, the intrinsic factors between stress-tolerant characteristics and coral-associated bacteria are rarely studied. In this study, 16 massive coral and 9 branching coral colonies from 6(More)
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