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Early Postnatal Exposure to Airborne Fine Particulate Matter Induces Autism-like Phenotypes in Male Rats
  • Kang Li, Li Li, Zhuge Xi
  • Biology, Psychology
    Toxicological sciences : an official journal of…
  • 1 March 2018
New data is provided on the link between postnatal exposure to ambient PM2.5 and the onset of ASD-like symptoms in human beings, and the increased inflammatory response and abnormalities in Shank3 expression in the brain may contribute to the mechanisms of PM 2.5 exposure-induced ASD.
Structural characterization and identification of biflavones in Selaginella tamariscina by liquid chromatography-diode-array detection/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.
This study reports the use of high-performance liquid chromatography with a diode-array detector and electrospray ionization multi-stage tandem mass spectrometry to study the fragmentation behavior of three main types of biflavonoids using seven bifavonoid reference compounds and analyze the bif Lavonoids in Selaginella tamariscina.
LC-MS/MS Determination and Pharmacokinetic Study of Dehydrocorydaline in Rat Plasma after Oral Administration of Dehydrocorydaline and Corydalis yanhusuo Extract
The pharmacokinetic parameters showed that DHC from EFY was absorbed more rapidly and eliminated more slowly than pure DHC, which suggests that the differences might be due to the presence of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) inhibitors and that other alkaloids co-existing in the EFY may compete with DHC for transportation by P-gp, metabolization by P450, and binding to plasma proteins.
Fingerprint-efficacy study of the quaternary alkaloids in Corydalis yanhusuo.
[Identification of foliumn pyrrosiae from different habitats and species by HPLC fingerprint].
The HPLC fingerprint method is stable and reliable with a good reproducibility and provides a reference standard for identifying Folium Pyrrosiae from different habitats and species.
Identification of apoptosis‐associated protein factors distinctly expressed in cigarette smoke condensate‐exposed airway bronchial epithelial cells
A panel of novel protein factors that may mediate the actions of CSC on bronchial epithelial cells and have a predictive value for the development and progression of smoking‐related diseases are identified, thus providing insights into the development of potential diagnostic and therapeutic strategies against these diseases.
[Simultaneous determination of four kinds of furocoumarins in cosmetics by high performance liquid chromatography].
The high performance liquid chromatographic method was accurate and simple, and was suitable for the determination of 4 furocoumarins in cosmetics.