Qiu-yu Zhang

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—The effect of spam filtering method based on statistics is not good enough in filtering the new-type spam with synonymous substitution and camouflage, because the method based on statistics ignores the semantic relation between words in the text, and only judges from the word itself. So, a method of spam filtering based on the semantic body is proposed in(More)
—considering the deficiency of accurate hand gesture contour inaccessible and inefficiency in complex dynamic background in existing methods of hand gesture tracking, a two dimensional skin color probability forecast method is proposed. Based on this, a hand gesture segmentation method of multi-mode and a hand gesture tracking method of state estimation are(More)
—Aiming at the influence of joints or part structures deformations on the accuracy of gesture recognition in representing, and large amount of calculation with shape matching directly, a method based on inner-distance contour point distribution features (IDCPDF) and histogram matching is proposed in this paper. Firstly, elliptical skin model is used to(More)
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