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K-casein gene was regarded as a candidate gene for milk production traits of cows. In this study, a 779 bp fragment of k-casein gene of Chinese Holstein was amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the polymorphisms of three loci of k-casein gene were detected by PCR-RFLP with restriction endonuclease Taq, Hind, Pst. After sequencing, T/C single(More)
Heat-shock transcription factors (HSFs) play an important role in regulating heat stress response. The activation of heat-shock protein (HSP) genes is mediated by HSFs, which bind to promoters of HSP genes. In this research, two novel single nucleotide polymorphisms, T909C and G4693T, and their association with thermal tolerance were investigated in 951(More)
Three novel SNPs were found by DNA sequencing, PCR-RFLP and CRS-PCR methods were used for genotyping in 979 Chinese Holstein cattle. One SNP, G1178C, was identified in exon 2 of POU1F1 gene. Two novel SNPs, A906G and A1134G, were identified in 5'-flanking regulatory region (5'-UTR) of PRL gene. The association between polymorphisms of the two genes and milk(More)
The associations between SNPs in intron 6 and intron 7 of the bovine diacylglycerolacyltransferase (DGAT2) gene and growth traits in purebred Nanyang cattle (n=131) were reported in this study. Alleles detected in intron 6 were allele A and B with frequencies of 0.875 and 0.125, respectively; alleles detected in intron 7 were allele N and M with frequencies(More)
Bovine lactoferrin (LF) is a multifunctional glycoprotein found in milk, which acts mainly as a defense factor in the mammary gland. Polymorphism has been found in the bovine LF gene. However, there is no report on genetic polymorphism of LF gene and its associations with mastitis in dairy cattle. In this study, the promoter fragment of LF gene containing(More)
The polymorphisms of HSP70-1 gene in 253 Chinese Holstein dairy cows were studied, and the association between the polymorphisms and somatic cell score (SCS) were analyzed. PCR-SSCP, PCR-RFLP and DNA sequencing were used to investigate mutations in the coding region of HSP70-1 gene. The G-->A-->C mutation at 1 623 bp and G-->A mutation at 2 409 bp were(More)
In this research, PCR-SSCP technique was used to analyze the polymorphisms of the exon 11 of Nramp1 gene in Chinese Holstein cattle (n=344), and correlation between polymorphisms of Nramp1 with somatic cell score (SCS) and milk production traits was analyzed. The results show that three genotypes namely AA, BB, and AB were detected. Allele A was predominant(More)
Complex vertebral malformation (CVM), a lethal autosomal recessive inherited defect in Holstein calves, was newly reported worldwide. The molecular cause of CVM was a substitution of guanine by thymine (G-->T) in a solute carrier family 35 member 3 gene (SLC35A3), encoding UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transporter. It was characterized by stillborn, abortion, and(More)
This paper studied the effects of exotic and native dissolved organic matter (DOM) on the phenanthrene adsorption by three soils differed in soil organic carbon content (foc). The exotic DOM came from decayed rice straw, while the native DOM was extracted from the test soils. In all cases, the adsorption of phenanthrene by treated soils could be well(More)
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