Qiu-chen Cheng

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The yeast Candida cloacae is capable of growing on alkanes and fatty acids as sole carbon sources. Transfer of cultures from a glucose medium to one containing oleic acid induced seven proteins of M(r) 102,000, 73,000, 61,000, 54,000, and 46,000 and two in the region of M(r) 45,000 and repressed a protein of M(r) 64,000. The induction of the M(r) 73,000(More)
Ectodomain cleavage of the ErbB-4 receptor tyrosine kinase generates a membrane-associated fragment of 80 kDa (m80) that has been subjected to N-terminal sequencing. The sequence obtained shows that the N terminus of this fragment begins with Ser-652 of ErbB-4. When a 12-residue peptide corresponding to ErbB-4 residues 646-657 was incubated with recombinant(More)
To identify novel components of ras1 + signalling in Schizosaccharomyces pombe, extragenic suppressors of the mating defect of ras1 effector mutants were isolated. A novel allele of pat1, pat1-e1, was isolated that increases the mating of ras1-D43E mutants to near wild-type levels but does not suppress the mating defect of ras1-I41M, ras1-Y37F, or ras1-Y45I(More)
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