Qiu-Yue Zhang

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Iron deficiency (ID) in early life is known to alter neurological development and functioning, but data regarding specific effects on dopamine biology are lacking. The objective of this study was to determine the extent of functional alterations in dopamine receptors in two dopaminergic tracts in young, growing, iron-deficient rats. Forty male and 40 female(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate water transport dysfunction in alveolar epithelial type II cells (AECII), which were exposed to hyperoxia, and to investigate the mechanism of pulmonary edema resulting from hyperoxic lung injury. The lung cells of newborn rats were isolated for primary cell culture and divided into control and experimental(More)
A recent meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in population of Caucasian identified a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs17125944 in the FERMT2 gene as a new susceptibility locus for late-onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD). In order to validate the association of the rs17125944 polymorphism with LOAD risk in the northern Han Chinese, we(More)
The retromer complex is an important component of the endosomal protein sorting machinery and mediates protein cargoes from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network (TGN) by retrograde pathway or to the cell surface through recycling pathway. Studies show that retromer and its receptors can make amyloid precursor protein (APP)/β-site APP-cleaving enzyme 1(More)
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