Qiu-Yu Zhang

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The intrusion detection methods used in the industrial control network generally have a higher false positive rate. Considering this issue and improving the detection performance of intrusion behaviors, an integrated artificial immune intrusion detection model based on decisiontheoretic rough set was proposed in this paper. Firstly, by the approach of(More)
Concurrency control is one of the key factors in computer supported cooperative work. Through researching conflict of concurrency control mechanism and CSCW, this paper introduces the rough set into the conflict-detection, and forms a new algorithm idea. Also, the paper analysis the feasibility of the new algorithm and gives an example.
In the process of vision-based hand gesture human­computer interaction, to extract the motion hand gesture accurately and quickly is the premise and key of improving recognition hand gesture's speed and accuracy. This article presents a method of a new dynamic hand gesture modeling and real-time extraction for hand gesture feature, combining the(More)
In this paper, we present a new speech perceptual hashing authentication algorithm based on wavelet packet decomposition (WPD) for speech content authentication. Firstly, a wavelet packet coefficients matrix of wavelet reconstruction is generated from an original speech signal after high frequency pre-processing followed by wavelet packet decomposition.(More)
In order to meet the requirements of robustness and discrimination of content preserving operations after conversion of speech communication format on the heterogeneous mobile terminal, and noise reduction and efficient authentication, a new efficient speech perceptual hashing authentication algorithm based on spectral subtraction and energy to entropy(More)
Speech perceptual hashing authentication provides an efficient way for security authentication of speech content. To solve the problem of perceptual hash value efficient and secure transmission, we present a speech watermarking algorithm, which is based on improved phase coding by bipolar quantization and suitable for speech perceptual hashing(More)
High dimension, redundancy attributes and high computing cost issues usually exist in the industrial Internet intrusion detection field. For solving these problems, the mutual information-based intrusion detection model for industrial Internet was proposed. Firstly, by using features selection method based on mutual information, the attributes set was(More)
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