Qiu Xue-song

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The emerging new service and its QoS management requirements are challenging the NGI service management, demanding extendibility and scalability. SLA has been considered as an effective way of solving QoS management. First the characteristics of a normative SLA representation are presented. Then a neutral template of SLA representation service-independent(More)
Network virtualization has emerged as a powerful and flexible platform for future network. A major challenge is virtual network embedding problem that deals with efficiently mapping of virtual nodes and virtual links onto substrate network resources. However, resource quantity requested by virtual network service is related to time and revenue, which is not(More)
Based on the Model-Driven Testing (MDT), this paper proposed a model-driven conformance testing method for 3G network management north bound interface in order to minimize the impact from specifications changes and technological innovations. The core thought of the method is to derive interface technology independent test model (PIT) from platform(More)
Heterogeneous network devices and management technologies bring many different kinds of network management systems. In traditional layered network management architecture, cooperation mechanism is not efficient enough for different network management systems to interact and cooperate with each other flexibly. Comprehensive network management tasks cannot be(More)
Nowadays configuration parameters about network and service in intelligent terminals are getting more complex. Faults and security risks in the terminal are increasing. These have become key holdbacks for usage of services. So it is necessary to manage the terminals to keep them normal and promote satisfaction from customer. OMA and 3GPP have done(More)
To improve the quality of IT services it is important to quickly and accurately detect and diagnose its faults. Because associations exist among entities, one fault in a single entity may cause a number of accompanying alarms beside the root alarm during fault propagation. Service-oriented alarm correlation analysis, that isolates the root causes or faults(More)
This paper presents a novel customer QoE improvement method. The method which aims at satisfying the customer demand, shields the heterogeneous networks making the impact on the operation support capacity in the converged network environment. Based on the method, through extracting, packaging and proposing the OSS service enabler-OSE, the OSE proposing(More)
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