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BACKGROUND Maternal obesity has adverse effects on oocyte quality, embryo development, and the health of the offspring. OBJECTIVES To understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for the negative effects of maternal obesity, we investigated the DNA methylation status of several imprinted genes and metabolism-related genes. METHODS Using a(More)
BACKGROUND The adverse effects on offspring of diabetic and/or obese mothers can be passed to the next generation. However, the mechanisms behind this are still unclear. Epigenetics may play a key role during this process. METHODS To confirm the hypothesis, we investigated the DNA methylation of several imprinted genes in spermatozoa of offspring from(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal diabetes mellitus not only has severe deleterious effects on fetal development, but also it affects transmission to the next generation. However, the underlying mechanisms for these effects are still not clear. METHODS We investigated the methylation patterns and expressions of the imprinted genes Peg3, Snrpn, and H19 in(More)
Spermatogenesis in testes requires precise spermatogonia differentiation. Spermatocytes lacking the Rad9a gene are arrested in pachytene prophase, implying a possible role for RAD9A in spermatogonia differentiation. However, numerous RAD9A-positive pachytene spermatocytes are still observed in mouse testes following Rad9a excision using the Stra8-Cre(More)
Kif2a is a member of the Kinesin-13 microtubule depolymerases. Here, we report the expression, subcellular localization and functions of Kif2a during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation. Immunoblotting analysis showed that Kif2a was gradually increased form GV to the M I stages, and then decreased slightly at the M II stage. Confocal microscopy identified that(More)
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