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The DAF-16/FOXO Transcription Factor Functions as a Regulator of Epidermal Innate Immunity
The Caenorhabditis elegans DAF-16 transcription factor is critical for diverse biological processes, particularly longevity and stress resistance. Disruption of the DAF-2 signaling cascade promotesExpand
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Long-term propagation of tree shrew spermatogonial stem cells in culture and successful generation of transgenic offspring
Tree shrews have a close relationship to primates and have many advantages over rodents in biomedical research. However, the lack of gene manipulation methods has hindered the wider use of thisExpand
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CDKN2B deletion is essential for pancreatic cancer development instead of unmeaningful co-deletion due to juxtaposition to CDKN2A
Pancreatic cancer is among the deadliest malignancies; however, the genetic events that lead to pancreatic carcinogenesis in adults remain unclear. In vivo models in which these genetic alterationsExpand
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A biocompatible and functional adhesive amine-rich coating based on dopamine polymerization.
Amine groups physiologically play an important role in regulating the growth behavior of cells and they have technological advantages for the conjugation of biomolecules. In this work, we present aExpand
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Influence of temperature gradient on acoustic characteristic parameters of stack in TAE
Acoustic characteristic parameters, i.e. propagation constants, characteristic impedance, and transmission loss are used to describe acoustic characteristics of the stack in a thermo-acoustic engine.Expand
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Preparation and flow characteristic of a novel phase change fluid for latent heat transfer
A novel phase change emulsion (PCE) was prepared and its latent heat was measured by DSC. To analyze its feasibility in heat transportation through a piping system, an experimental system was built.Expand
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Heating control strategy for variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system with multi-module outdoor units
The heating control strategy is key technology for stable and reliable heating operation of variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system with multi-module outdoor units. The synoptic controlExpand
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Investigation on output capacity control strategy of variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system with multi-compressor
Abstract A set of 14 HP variable refrigerant flow air conditioning system (VRF AC) with multi-compressor has been designed, and the output capacity control strategy of compressor(s) including theExpand
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Dose Dependencies and Biocompatibility of Renal Clearable Gold Nanoparticles: From Mice to Non-human Primates.
While dose dependencies in pharmacokinetics and clearance are often observed in clinically used small molecules, very few studies have been dedicated to the understandings of potential dose-dependentExpand
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HUWE1 controls the development of non-small cell lung cancer through down-regulation of p53
Lung cancer is the most frequent cancer type and the leading cause of tumor-associated deaths worldwide. TP53 is an important tumor suppressor gene and is frequently inactivated in lung cancer. E3Expand
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